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Latest Salesforce B2C Commerce updates

Latest Salesforce Commerce Cloud Release Notes

Are you aware of latest updates on Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Usually every month Salesforce release a few updates to fix some features, add extra functionality to the existing ones and add new features.

Summarizing the most relevant for you as developer are:

  • TikTok for Business Integration on Salesforce Commerce Cloud: (Introduced in the release 22.10): The TikTok for Business Commerce Cloud integration enables centralization of product catalog synchronization and optimize audience engagement with TikTok users.
  • Do More with Components in Page Designer: (Introduced in the release 22.9): You can now copy up to 10 components to a clipboard from the component's action dropdown menu.
  • WebDAV Upload Limit Is Increased: (Introduced in the release 22.9): The upload limit for a WebDAV push into a Salesforce B2C Commerce instance has been increased from 100 MB to 500 MB.
  • Offer Venmo as a Payment Service: (Introduced in the release 22.9): Salesforce Payments supports Venmo as an express and multi-step payment service for U.S.-based merchants and shoppers using U.S. currency.
  • Get more Storefront Calls: (Introduced in the release 22.8): The quota has doubled. You can now make up to 16 storefront calls. The warning threshold has also been increased from 5 to 10.
  • Distinguish Between OCAPI and SCAPI Requests: (Introduced in the release 22.8): Use the new method added to the dw.system.Request object to identify the SCAPI context. You can now distinguish between OCAPI and SCAPI requests in extension points (hooks). Direct access to the '_sfdc_mercury' header has been deprecated.
  • Limit Allowed Component Types: (Introduced in the release 22.7): Developers can now limit which components are added to a region by defining an allowlist in component_type_inclusions in addition to the existing blocklisting via component_type_exclusions.
  • Get More JavaScript Features and Functionality: (Introduced in the release 22.7): With compatibility mode 22.7, the B2C Commerce server-side JavaScript engine supports more elements from ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and later. You can access new and expanded features, including top-level built-in types and methods for existing classes.

The releases notes can be found in the Info Center platform.

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