Salesforce B2C Commerce Certified Developer: Practice Exams - Questions & Answers

Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect exam dumps

Are you planning to get certified as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Architect but you don't know how the exam questions will look like? There's a lot of material to study but... the questions will look the same as they are on the developer exam?

We can help you to be ready to take your SFCC Architect Certification exam with 20 questions quiz published on UDEMY.

When I took the exam I had the feeling that time was passing to fast, because exam questios are too long (more than 5 lines) and complicated to understand because a lot of thecnical details provided. Same happend with the answers, too long and very tricky.

So, it's important to have a good reading and comprenhension of the questions and answers. Sometimes there are more than one correct answer but you as an architect should take the most performant one or at best in taking in account some details that are provided in the question. This is why we created this quiz. To help you understand how tricky and complicated can be the exam.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Archictet exam topics

Design/Discovery: 29%

Build: 19%

Monitoring/Troubleshooting: 14%

Integrations and Customizations: 22%

Launch: 16%

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