Salesforce B2C Commerce Certified Developer: Practice Exams - Questions & Answers

Salesforce B2C Commerce Certified Developer Questions

By reading this book and doing the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer certification tests provided, you will be guided through Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Certification exam topics. We will provide you three B2C practice exams with verified answers that will help you to improve your skills on each exam topic to succeed.

This book provides three certification tests (60 questions each) that will help you to follow the exam questions, to detect areas on which you should focus, in order to pass the exam. All questions and answers are explained and include references in order to check the correct answers on your own.

We encourage you to use this book as a reference. Exam questions are constantly introduced and changed by Salesforce. You need to know how everything works in order to pass the certification exam.

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Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Certification Questions reviews

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Developers dumps: Rating 4.2/5 (271 students)Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Developers dumps: Rating 4.2/5 (271 students)Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Developers dumps: Rating 4.2/5 (271 students)Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Developers dumps: Rating 4.2/5 (271 students)Salesforce Commerce Cloud Certified Developers dumps: Rating 4.2/5 (271 students)271 students
I also passed the exam. There are a lot of practical questions in this course. This helped to deep dive into topics like Logging, Category, Catalog, Slots, OCAPI, middleware, performance, security, best practices, and so on.
- Romanna S.
I cleared the SFCC certification exam with quite good scores. Thanks for bringing such a helpful course. It helped me a lot.
- Lokesh
Passed exam with very good score. Practice exam with documentation links are very helpful!!!
- Puja K.
Passed Salesforce CCD-102 developer certification exam with flying colors. Thank you. Practice exams with Salesforce documentation links are really helpful.
- Prakash C.
Good learning materials. Links to the documentation and the practice questions are good. The structure is great. Helped me in preparing for the certification (just got it)
- Amine G.
I passed the exam and i am really happy. Thank you for everything.
- Tolga S.

How can I prepare myself for the Salesforce B2C Commerce Certified Developer Exam with this book?

We provide to you real Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C exam questions. Collected by several professionals in e-commerce industry with verified answers. Three practice SFCC tests, 180 questions provided to help you to pass the Salesforce B2C Certification exam.

180 Salesforce B2C Commerce certifications questions and verified answers

All Salesforce Commerce Cloud exam topics are covered in this Book, PDF or Udemy Course. New questions added every month.

All B2C Commerce Developer Certification questions are explained

All questions include the correct or correct answers and links to documentation in order to check why this is the correct answer. You will love this feature.

Cross-Platform BC2 study guide solution, study everywhere

With the PDF you can study on laptop, mobile phone, tablets and so on. If you prefer the book version or the course on Udemy you can learn everywhere as well.

Classified Salesforce Developer Questions by certification topics

All questions are classified according exam topics: Environment setup, digital architecture, business manager and application development.

Salesforce B2C exam questions constantly updated

Every Salesforce B2C Commerce release/update the course/PDF is updated with last exam questions about it. Check our latest SFCC Exam 2022 Questions.

Guaranteed success, 97.7% of people pass certification exam

Almost 100% of our students pass the certification exam. Read or download the book and start improving your SFCC skills with us.

Salesforce Commerce Coud training

Salesforce B2C Commerce Certified Developer: Practice Exams - Questions & Answers
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  • Salesforce CCD-101 Study Guide
  • B2C Commerce Setup
  • Work with a B2C Site
  • Data Management Using Business Manager Usage
  • Application Development

Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer Credential

The official Salesforce B2C Developer certification exam consists in four different topics: B2C Commerce Setup, Work with a B2C Site, Data Management Using Business Manager Usage, and Application Development. In our B2C Question PDF Dump you will find all these topics fully explained and all our questions will be categorized by those topics, so you can easily focus your B2C Certification preparation against your needs.

The main purpose of be a Salesforce B2C Developer certified is to be a distinguished developer against the competency, increase your salary and be ready to take on new positions with more responsibilities.

For more details about Salesforce B2C Certification exam we recommend you to check official exam guide published by Salesforce.

How to prepare for Certified B2C Commerce Developer Certification Exam?

Salesforce is recommending at least one year of experience in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. That's of course it's a recommendation and it is not a mandatory prerequisite. You can be ready to get certified as B2C Commerce Developer with our exam dumps and Salesforce Commerce Cloud Exam Quiz.

We also encourage you to follow and complete all Trailhead Modules and Paths already recommended by Salesforce. By doing this plus purchase the B2C developer exam dumps and study from time to time you will be certified as Commerce Cloud Developer.

If you follow this study guide for Certified B2C Commerce Developer Certification Exam and also buy the b2c commerce exam question dump, for sure you will succeed in passing the certification exam:

The best site to get Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer dumps also recommends you the following Youtube videos about B2C Commerce in order to be ready to get certified as B2C Commerce Dev:

Why should I buy Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce developer dumps here?

Because all of us (people who create the B2C Exam Question PDF) are working on a big companies around the world dealing all the time with ecommerce sites developed using Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology. We know what are we doing and we also know what you need.

We prepared the PDF B2C exam dump taking care of all details and writing the trickiest questions (as you will find in the real exam) to guarantee you pass the exam successfully. Questions are perfectly categorized as B2C exam questions categories, so you can focus in study the most needed category.

If you still are not confident about performing the purchase, we recommend you to sign up the preview form in order to receive a B2C Commerce exam dump preview with some real random questions and answers you will find after purchasing de Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer dump.

If you have any issue, questions or just want to contact us you can do it by clicking on Telegram icon. You will be redirected to our Telegram bot with common questions and answers. Furthermore, if you follow the instructions you will be able to send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. We can guarantee you a success on passing the Salesforce B2C Commerce Certification exam, 93.4% of our students passed the exam at first try. You can request a refund of the B2C PDF dump by Telegram if you fail on your certification exam.

Is this dump updated to 2022 B2C exam questions?

Yes, it is! We provide Salesforce B2C Commerce Braindumps [2022] constantly updated with latest exam questions to all our students. Our mission it's to update the SFCC Exam questions with latest updates in Commerce Cloud. So, do not worry because B2C-Commerce-Developer PDF Dump receives monthly updates and revisions. Don't you think it's time to become a Salesforce Certified B2C Developer?. B2C Commerce Developer Dumps PDF Questions 2022 are waiting for you.

Are you already Salesforce B2C Certified? Mantain your certification

One of the benefits of holding a Salesforce credential is always being up-to-date on new product releases (updates). As such, you will be required to complete the B2C Commerce Developer certification maintenance modules on Trailhead one time a year. f you do not complete all maintenance requirements by the due date, your credential will expire. Check these links for maintaining your credentials:

FAQS: Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Certifications

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud e-commerce platform property of Salesforce, Inc which main porpuse is to allow companies to sell products online with a set of out of the box tools and a powerful system to manage product catalogs, campaings, offers and discounts.

It's not a plug and play tool eventough it provides a base code that can be used as a reference to build your own storefront. A development team, administrators and merchants will be required to succeed in your implementation.

Looking for some sample websites built with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

  • Internationalization: Ready to build multiple storefronts for different countries. Easy to translate to other languages and ready to have different storefront catalogs, searching rules, landing pages and so on per site.
  • A/B Testing tool integrated.
  • Analytics. Easy to detect new opportunities. Analyze most sold products as well and power tools for developer to improve the performance with the Reports & Dashboard tool.
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein. Provides artificial intelligence-powered merchandising tools to deliver actionable insights and tailored customer experiences.
  • Page Designer Pages. Tool for Merchants that allows them to create engaging pages in an easy manner.
  • Enhanced Scalability. Because it's a cloud platform, you don not have to worry about servers, high transaction volumes or traffic spikes. SFCC scale automatically.
  • Customer Service. A resolutive customer service that will help you in a short time (depending your current contract).
  • Mobile friendly. The SFRA architecture is mobile friendly. So you don't need to worry for different versions of your store.
  • Third party friendly. There is a huge market place with tons of integrations that will add new functionalities not provided OOB by Salesforce.
  • Headless ready. Commerce API and OCAPI are at the moment the two APIs provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud that will help you to decouple your storefront to any technology.
  • Certification Program. There are several certifications provided by Salesforce that will help you to consolidate your knowledge about the platform.

There is not a fixed price or fee for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration or contract. If you are a company or want to move your current e-commerce to SFCC the best you can do is to contact with a sales representative for detailed pricing information and start talking about number of sells per year, visits, customers, revenue and so on. Depending how big you are probably the best price/agreement you will have.

In their website there are three different plans (billed annually) from 1 to 3% of your gross merchandise value.

Yes, it is. Or at least it could be. There two different architectures in SFCC that are not headless (Site Genesis and SFRA - Storefront Reference Architecture). But Salesforce Commerce provides two APIs that allows you a Headless architecture, Commerce API and OCAPI.

OCAPI is the oldest API by SFCC (but not deprecated) and Commerce API is the latest. SFCC provides you a repository (updated constantly) with the PWA Kit (Progressive Web App Kit) built in React and using Commerce API to interact with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

If you are asking if Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a Content Management System like it could be Wordpress, Joomla or Liferay, the answer is no. Salesforce it's not a CMS. But it doesn't mean that it cannot act like one.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has an OOB feature, Content Asset and Content Slots that allow merchants to customize the content for their storefront besides other interesting functionalities like show different content depending customer group or schedule the content to be shown or hidden at some time.

Besides this tool, there is another called Page Designer that allow merchants to create new pages with a few clicks (but some development is needed to make it possible) so, it can act like a CMS but at the end it's not.

Salesforce Inc. acquires Demandware in July 2016 for $2.800.000.000. Demandware started in 2.004 his own career on the e-commerce industry.

Before purchasing Demandware, Salesforce had his own B2B e-commerce platform but to control the whole ecosystem (B2C) was necessary the acquisition of Demandware.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is owned by Salesforce Inc. So, it's not Open source and there is no way to start coding in this technology if you are not part of a company with a contract with Salesforce. Documentation is available for everyone on the InfoCenter platform or the developers portal. If your company is a Salesforce Partner you will have access to other portals like Partner Learning Camp or Salesforce Partners Community.

The only way to start coding for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is if you have a Sandbox assigned with the needed permissions.

As you might know it depends on several factors like experience or where are you placed. A salary for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud differs from the one that can earn in the United of States than the amount you will received if you're based on India.

According the data provided by Salesforce: "On average, jobs with Salesforce skills pay around $80,000 per year".

The only thing about Salesforce salaries that we can confirm is that you'll be better paid if you are a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer certified or SFCC Architect Certified. We can help you to succeed in your certification exam.

If you are planning to learn Salesforce Commerce Cloud and you don't know from where to start I really encourage to you to take a look to our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Study Guide that will introduce you to several Salesforce platforms, tools and videos to start learning from.

If you are an advance Salesforce B2C developer and you already know the basics from SFCC you can deep into our SFRA free course that will help you to get a job in this industry because it's the most used framework for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

SFCC B2C Commerce developer certification is designed for individuals who have experience as developers for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This credential is targeted toward Salesforce customers, partners, and employees who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using B2C Commerce to develop an eCommerce solution.

In the Salesforce Trailhead Platform you will find all the details about the certification (exam topics, price, number of questions, score to pass the exam an so on) so read it carefully before purchase an Onsite Proctored or Online Proctored exam.

If you want to be ready to succeed your exam and avoid the retake fee we recommend you purchase our book on Amazon that will help you to cover most of the exam topics and discover how questions looks like or Course on Udemy or download our PDF with SFCC practice exam questions and verified answers.

There are two main certifications related Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The first one is the Certified B2C Commerce Developer (with no prerequisites) and the other is the Certified B2C Commerce Architect (B2C Commerce Developer Certification is mandatory to take this exam). For both certifications you will find two courses available to prepare yourself to succeed in the exam and cover all exam topics. Check it out the SFCC Developer Certification and the SFCC Architect Certification course both on Udemy.

A part of those certifications, if your company is a Salesforce Partner and you have access to the Partner Learning Camp you would have the chance to earn other credentials not just for salesforce developers. So, you for example could earn a Credential related to Einstein in SFCC among others.

The registration fee for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Certification exam is USD 200. There is no special fee for exam retake (in case you fail the exam, you should pay USD 200 again).

The certificaiton exam for the Salesforce B2C Commerce credential consists in 60 scored multiple-choice questions; up to 65 total questions (At any given time, new questions are included on the exam as "non-scored" to collect data on their performance in actual testing conditions)

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